Amir Bastan

An Astrolabe for Computational Arts


## Notes on New Media Arts and Its Tentacles

As part of the FestivalX workshop program.

Workshop Description:

Unlike traditional art forms, New Media Arts often break down the boundaries between the artist and the audience, allowing for more active engagement and participation.

The rise of the internet and the rapid growth of digital technology have been key drivers of the New Media Arts movement. With the ability to create and share digital content on a global scale, artists have been able to push the boundaries of what is possible in terms of creative expression and audience engagement.

New Media Arts is an exciting field that offers a diverse range of artistic practices. From AI and Robotics to Biocomputing and more, artists are able to explore innovative technologies to create works that challenge our assumptions about the potential of art.

During this three-day workshop, we will explore the impact of computation on artistic practice together with the participants. We’ll delve into the “Internet” and “Data” as a playground for artists and examine the role of “AI”, “Robotics”, and “Biological” entities as the building blocks of New Media Art. Participants will gain an overview of the common tools, platforms, and programming languages used in this field.

The workshop includes a second phase that is coordinated by The NODE Institute. Anyone interested in learning visual programming can participate in a 12-session online course at the NODE Institute.