Amir Bastan

Kinematic Dreams


A lecture series in 3 parts, about the quality of human-robot interaction, particularly within an artistic framework. The idea is that interactions with robots produces an ‘after effect’ that goes beyond their utilitarian purpose, which frames them with characteristics that contribute to identity formation.
This phenomenon, termed the ‘Surplus Value,’ uncovers some exciting pathways for examining human-robot relations. While surplus value is generated in various contexts of human-robot interaction, such as in industry or scientific research, it is within the artistic register that this value can be fully acknowledged and expanded upon. Therefore, this process elevates our understanding of human-robot relations and can be reintegrated into the broader discussion about human-machine collaboration.

The lectures took place at:

  • Interface Cultures Master’s program – Art University of Linz – Austria
  • WAAG Futurelab – Amsterdam – The Netherlands (As part of VOJEXT and S+T+ARTS artist talks)
  • Arts & Science Master’s program – dieAngewandte Vienna – Austria